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President ('17-'18)

Business Manager (’15-’16)

Voice section: Baritone

Major: Environmental Engineering

Hometown: Weymouth, MA

Audition Song: “Gone, Gone, Gone” by Phillip Phillips

Self-Proclaimed Funniest Member of Shir Appeal

Self-Proclaimed Most Attractive Member of Shir Appeal

Drinks at least two cups of coffee every day


Music Director ('17-'18)

Publicity Manager (’15-’16)

Voice Section: Soprano

Major: Music

Hometown: Avon, CT

Audition Song: “Gravity” by Sara Bareiles

Number of theater productions she has performed in: some ridiculously high number. Somewhere around 20.

Favorite book: Crime and Punishment

(Not so) secret talent: Britney Spears impression


President (’16-’17)

Tour Planner (’15-’16 and ’14-’15)

Alumni Relations (’15)

Business Manager (’15)

Voice Section: Alto/Soprano

Major: International Relations, Community Health, and Spanish

Hometown: Los Gatos, California

Audition Song: “As Long As You Love Me” by Justin Bieber

Favorite Activity: Doing yoga in unconventional locations

Priority in Life: Eat a life-size Jumbo statue made entirely of spaghetti

Role Model: Winnie the Pooh


Business Manager (’16-’17)

Tour Planner ('15-'16)

Alumni Relations ('16)

Publicity Manager (’14-’15)

Voice Section: Alto

Major: Political Science and English

Hometown: Weston, Connecticut

Audition Song: “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse

Frequently quoted musical: Hamilton

Spirit Animal: Julia Child

Favorite things: Butternut squash soup, being petty, Tina Fey, alliteration​


Alumni Relations (’16-’17)

Voice Section: Alto

Major: Political Science and Chemistry

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Auition Song: “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5

Favorite bookTheir Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston

Wishes she was related to: Jon Stewart

Dream vacation: Santorini, Greece

You can find her: cheering for the Washington Nationals

Louis Ades '16

  • Associate Director (’15 -'16), Webmaster (’13 -’14 and ’14 -’15)

  • Voice Section: Baritone/Tenor

  • Major: Computer Science/Engineering

  • Hometown: Deal, New Jersey

  • Audition Song: “Mr Blue Sky” by ELO

  • Favorite Movie: Spirited Away

  • Random Skill: Tai Chi Master

  • Goal in life: Become a singing, Tai Chi-studying Bill Gates

Noa Rosen '16

  • President (’15 -’16), Tour Planner (’13 -’14)

  • Voice Section: Soprano

  • Major: International Relations and French

  • Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

  • Audition Song: “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga

  • Favorite Activity: Frolicking in Mountains

  • Most days gone without a shower: 26

  • Pet Peeves: Nail Files and Sandy Floors

  • Favorite Food: Anything Curried

Zoe Greene '16

  • Music Director (’15 -’16), Publicity Manager (’13 -’14)

  • Voice Section: Soprano

  • Major: Biology

  • Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

  • Audition Song: “Us” by Regina Spektor

  • Spirit Animal: Goose

  • Frequently Quoted Movie: Little Women

  • Favorite Word: Gerund

Paige Lucas '15

  • Voice Section: Alto

  • Major: Music

  • Hometown: Portland, Maine

  • Audition Song: “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood

  • Favorite Things: Mustard, running, baby animals, mornings, Maine, and moss.

  • Obsessions: The Appalachian Trail and cuddling

Dani Bennett '15

  • Voice Section: Alto

  • Major: English

  • Hometown: New York, New York

  • Audition Song: “Jailer” by Asa

  • Favorite Movie: Wet Hot American Summer

  • Secret Talent: Can recite the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution

  • Random Fact: She’s seen Vampire Weekend four times in concert

Benjamin Forster '15

  • Webmaster (’12 -’13)

  • Voice Section: Baritone

  • Major: Economics

  • Hometown: Freeport, Maine

  • Audition Song: “Timshel” by Mumford and Sons

  • Most Valuable Skill: Licensed Sea Kayaking Guide

  • Strange Quality: I have a vertical jump of 6 feet

  • Insert other quirky fact here

Aaron Kahen '15

  • Music Director (’12 -’13, ’14 -’15)

  • Voice Section: Bass

  • Major: Economics

  • Hometown: Great Neck, New York

  • Audition Song: “My Way” by Frank Sinatra

  • Favorite Disney Movie: Aladdin (Persian Pride)

  • Useless Skill: Mastery of walking down stairs

  • Favorite Love Song: “Endless Love”

Ami Wulf '15

  • Tour Planner (’12 -’13), President (’14 -’15)

  • Voice Section: Baritone

  • Major: Mathematics

  • Hometown: Berkeley, CA

  • Audition Song: Nachamu Ami

  • Favorite Pet: A matching ginger dog named Gingy

  • Weirdest Trait: Moderately Colorblind

  • Favorite Israeli Artist: Dudu Tassa

  • Greatest Moment: Injured the Water Buffalo that Ben Lang saved from the burning pagoda

Nirvanna Lildharrie '14

  • Business Manager (’13 -’14), Publicity Manager (’12 -’13)

  • Voice Section: Alto

  • Major: Sociology

  • Hometown: Hewlett, NY

  • Audition Song: “To Love Somebody” by The Bee Gees

  • Favorite Color: Beige

  • Favorite Animal: The Polar Bear

  • Role Model: Beyonce

  • Weird Phobias: Loud Noises, Pandas (They look like humans in panda costumes!)

  • Greatest Moment: Every time I sing is my greatest moment

Molly Sloane '14

  • Music Director (’13 -’14), Publicity Manager (’10 -’11)

  • Voice Section: Alto

  • Major: Quantatative Economics

  • Hometown: Evanston, IL

  • Audition Song: “Put Your Records On”, by Corinne Bailey Rae

  • Favorite Disney Movie: The Lion King

  • Strange Quality: Double-Jointed Nose

  • Food Addiction: black olives and ice cream (not together)

Anthony Lombardi '14

  • President (’13 -’14), Business Manager (’11 -’12)

  • Voice Section: Baritone

  • Majors: Classical Studies and Political Science

  • Hometown: North Attleboro, MA

  • Audition Song: “Motorcycle Drive By”, by Third Eye Blind

  • Favorite Nickelodeon Classic: Hey Arnold!

  • Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie: Smart House

  • Bane of My Existence: Faded construction paper

Michael Rogove '13

  • Business Manager (’12 -’13)

  • Baritone/Tenor

  • Major: Biology

  • Hometown: Somerset, NJ

  • Audition Song: “Black and Gold” by Sam Sparro

  • Most Dangerous Love: Flamenco Dancing

  • Most Dangerous Mistake: Flamingo Dancing

  • Number of Tomato Strains I Can Name From Memory: 26

Natasha Gollin '13

  • Alto

  • Major: Asian Studies

  • Hometown: Bowie, MD

  • Audition Song: “Love Affair”, by Regina Spektor

  • Wanted to grow up to be: a mermaid

  • Grossest Ice Cream Ever Tasted: Lobster

  • In a past life, was: a geisha

Anna Burgess '13

  • Business Manager (’10 -’11)

  • Soprano

  • Major: Sociology

  • Hometown: Needham, MA

  • Audition Song: “The Way I Am”, by Ingrid Michaelson

  • Favorite Wizard: Severus Snape

  • Dream Job: Foreign Correspondent

  • Hidden Talent: throwing water bottles into trash cans from great distances

Loey Bromberg '13

  • Co-Tour Planner (’10 -’11)

  • Alto

  • Majors: Clinical Psychology and Bioinformatics

  • Hometown: LA LA Land, CA

  • Audition Song: “Don’t Forget to Remember Me”, by Carrie Underwood

  • Biggest Phobias: corners and orange street lamps

  • Seen on TV on: The View and The Jerry Springer Show

  • Scariest Childhood Dream: one in which Rosie O’Donnell died

Sam Sittenfield '13

  • President (’12 -’13), Publicist (’11), Co-Tour Planner (’10 -’11)

  • Baritone

  • Major: Psychology and Judaic Studies

  • Hometown: Bala Cynwyd, PA

  • Audition Song: “Inyan Shel Zman”, by Rami Kleinstein

  • Favorite Type of Dancing: Israeli Folk Dancing

  • Most Despised Dance: The Dougie

  • Pet Peeve: won’t order the same food as someone sitting next to him

Maria Stracqualursi '12

  • Tour Planner (’11 -’12)

  • Soprano

  • Majors: International Relations and Spanish

  • Hometown: Norwood, Massachusetts

  • Audition Song: “Breaking Free”, from High School Musical

  • Weirdest Phobia: Wrists

  • Dream Coffee Date: Alec Baldwin

  • Favorite Childhood Pets: Herman and Bunduby, my African aquatic frogs

Ben Lang '12

  • Music Director (’11 -’12), Historian (’10 -’11), Tour Planner (’09 -’10)

  • Bass

  • Major: Benevolent Dictatorial Methods

  • Hometown: Andover, MA

  • Audition Song: “World to Me”, by Four Shadow

  • Favorite Animal: echidna

  • Favorite Children’s Book: “The Wump World” by Bill Peet

  • Greatest Moment: once rescued an injured water buffalo from the twelfth story of a burning pagoda

Jake Green '12

Daphne Amir '12

  • President (’11 -’12), Publicist (’10)

  • Alto

  • Majors: Community Health and American Studies

  • Hometown: Cresskill, NJ

  • Audition Song: “K’shetavo”, by Ofra Haza

  • Favorite Cuisines: Middle Eastern and French

  • Other contexts in which her name appears: Dauphinois potatoes, daffodils, Daft Punk, Daffy Duck

Daniel Wolf '11

  • Music Director (’10 -’11, ’08 -’09)

  • Baritone

  • Major: Psychology

  • Hometown: Needham, MA

  • Audition Song: “Two Coins”, by Dispatch

  • Height at Birth: 22.5 inches

  • Insufferable Fascinations: sustainable transportation, urban design, and Google Maps

Cynthia Brunelle '11

  • President (’10 -’11), Business Manager (’08 -’09)

  • Mezzo Soprano

  • Majors: Clinical Psychology and Spanish

  • Hometown: Madison, CT

  • Audition Song: “Holiday from Real”, by Jack’s Mannequin

  • Favorite Key: E-flat

  • Culinary Secret: adds butter and frozen spinach to everything

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