Buy your copy of Linguistics!

Buy your copy of Linguistics today! With favorites like Nachamu Ami and Bei Mir Bist Du Schoën, and songs in four different languages (Hebrew, English, Yiddish, and Russian), this album has something for everyone. Plus two songs from Linguistics are featured on Best of Jewish A Cappella (BOJAC) Volume 4! Click here for an order form with instructions to buy a physical copy, or find us on iTunes and Spotify. Happy listening!

Linguistics (2014)


Fall Show 2014: Shir Appeal Road Trip

Join Shir Appeal for our fall show as load up in our Shir-Mobile and hit the highway. Our destination? We’ll be road trippin’ to the great expanses of the Hillel bottom floor. And we’re starting our journey early (at 6:30) so you can make it to all of the amazing other performances that same night. 

Students have no tolls to pay, while grownups and other non-Tufts folk should bring along $5. 

And rumor has it that on road trips like these, a little great music goes a long way, and our NEW CD will be on sale for all you restless travelers hoping to bring Shir Appeal with you wherever you go….

Peals hit the road

Peals hit the road


We welcome with lots of love and hugs and pride and joy our three newest additions to Shir Appeal: Stephanie Evans, Hayley Cohen, and Nate Pacheco! Congratulations babies, and thank you to all who auditioned!

From left to right, Stephanie Evans, Hayley Cohen, and Nate Pacheco

From left to right, Stephanie Evans, Hayley Cohen, and Nate Pacheco

We’re Back…

…and after one amazing (if not rainy) performance at the Freshman Orientation Super Show, we are ready for an incredible orientation week filled with the best Jewish a cappella Tufts has to offer! Check out our “Upcoming Gigs” tab for more information about our performances this week, and to all you future Peals out there, visit our “Audition Information” page!

Peals reunite for Freshman Orientation

Peals reunite for Freshman Orientation!

New Videos Are on YouTube!

Does summer break have you feeling Shir Appeal withdrawal already? Luckily, all of the new videos from spring show, Shir Appeal presents Lollapealooza, are up on YouTube and can satisfy your Jewsih a cappella mix until O-Week 2014! Check out new song Lihiyot/So Far and all of the others at