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Our Set

Deaf Man in the Shteeble

Soloist: Sam Lyons '26

Vocal Percussion: Sophie Rice '24

Arranged by: Ariella Mann '26

o.p.b. Lev Tahor

Ma HaShav't

Soloist: Maia Zimmers '26

Vocal Percussion:  Sophie Rice '24

Arranged by: Nicole Leon '26

o.p.b. Gil Bar Hadas


Soloist: Ella Gilad '27

Arranged by : Mitch Saunders '24

o.p.b. Ben Platt

Hayinu Shnayim

Soloists: Nick Leon '26 and Sophie Rice '24

Vocal Percussion: Sam Lyons '26

Arranged by: Nick Leon '26 and Aaron Kahen '15

o.p.b. Moshe Peretz

Dror Yikra

Soloist: Hannah Ascher '27

Vocal Percussion: Ariella Mann '26

Arranged by: Stephanie Bromberog '25

and Mitchell Saunders '24

o.p.b. Deborah Sacks Mintz

Idan Chadash

Soloist: Ariella Mann '26

Vocal Percussion: Sam Lyons '26

Arranged by: Lila Elkins '27 and Ariella Mann '26

o.p.d Duvie Shapiro

Adonai Malach

Arranged by: Ella Gilad '27 and Sam Lyons '26

Psalm 23

Zug Es Meir Noch Amool (Oy Oy Oy)


Vocal Percussion: 

Arranged by: Nick Leon '26 and Henry Nova '27

o.p.b. The Barry Sisters

Kol Haneshama

Vocal Percussion: Sam Lyons '26

Arranged by: 

o.p.b. Joey Weisenberg

Yerushalayim Shel Zahav 

Soloist: Lila Elkins '27 (feat. Ella Gilad '27)

Vocal Percussion: Sophie Rice '24

Arr: Chris Jons ’98

o.p.b. Naomi Shemer

Shalom Aleichem & Shalom Rav Medley

Arr: Gil Aldem, Steve Sobey ’02, 

Jon Tesser SA’01

o.p.b. Jeff Klepper and Dan Friedlander

Hinei Matov

Shir Appeal Alumni Song


Every October, Shir Appeal revisits a beloved tradition. Members sit in a circle and are given the opportunity to toss an orange ball of string to someone they admire or appreciate. Once the ball has been passed to each person twice, the result is a web of shared gratitude and affection, connecting members together with one common thread. 


This tradition has inspired our 11th album, which weaves together diverse genres and languages, vocalist and arrangers, sounds and themes into a unified album.


Our selections are a reminder that Jewish music doesn't come from one type of person or have one specific sound. Rather, it has the powerful ability to connect different people of various backgrounds through shared experiences, values, and joys. 


You'll find that in our songs, where stories of love, restoration, and celebration cross borders and time periods. You'll also find that in our vocalists, arrangers, and vocal percussionists, who come from a wide variety of religious, geographic, and musical backgrounds, but share in the same goal of making impactful music and lasting memories.


The resulting product – one composed of Ladino love songs and unique take on the Garden of Eden, Amharic Shabbat anthems and popular Hebrew tunes both modern and classic – is one that is uniquely, unitedly Shir Appeal.


We hope you find joy in these songs for what they are, and we hope you find meaning, surprise, and community in the Common Threads between them.


Perspective is the 10th full album released by Shir Appeal, and it marks over 20 years of the group's history. On this album, we have included songs of different genres and varying narratives from many corners of the Jewish diaspora. With songs in English, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Ladino, this album incorporates perspectives from cultures oft excluded from the Jewish musical canon. What unifies these songs, otherwise diverse in theme, origin, and interpretation, is that together they craft a perspective that is uniquely Shir Appeal.

Perspective was nominated for three 2017 CARAs (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards): Best Folk/World Album, Best Religious Album, and Best Religious Song (Sabe Deus). It was runner-up for Best Religious Album and Song.

"When you hear the phrase 'Jewish a cappella', what comes to mind? Hold that thought, because Shir Appeal is offering a whole new perspective on how intricately Judaism is interwoven in the fabric of modern music."

DELILAH (2016)

Shir Appeal is so excited to release Delilah, our first single! The song was originally performed by Florence and the Machine. You can find this track on our new album, Perspective, which is to be released in November 2016.

"I listen to this song at least three times a day. I love it more than I love most things!"


Linguistics is Shir Appeal’s 9th album and is characterized by its diversity in song genre and language. With songs in Hebrew, English, Yiddish, and Russian coming from top Israeli pop charts, Jewish American rock musicians, and classic Yiddish traditions, this album has something for everyone.


Two tracks from this album, Amok Batal and So Far (Lihiot) are featured on Best of Jewish A Cappella (BOJAC) Volume IV.

Shir Appeal is especially proud to announce that Linguistics was nominated for two 2015 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA Awards)–Best Mixed Collegiate Album and Best World/Folk Album–and Linguistics is the runner up for the Best World/Folk Album category!

"I've heard many niche groups try to strike a balance between staying true to their themes while appealing to a more mainstream audience, and none has done it quite so deftly as Shir Appeal does here. Regardless of the era it was written, the genre in which it gets categorized, or the language in which it is sung, every song on Linguistics fits right in. This sense of consistency, along with a healthy dose of talented singing and vibrant production, makes for a wonderful journey through the wide world of Jewish music."


The Elephant in the Room is Shir Appeal’s 8th album. Released in the spring of 2013, EITR contains a number of Shir Appeal favorites. Among these is Ktzat Acheret, which was featured on Voices Only 2014, a collegiate a cappella compilation CD. Shir Appeal is the first and only Jewish group ever featured on that album.

"This is an excellent album, meticulously produced, and one that should serve as the new baseline for all Jewish collegiate a cappella."


Electric Peal was released in the Fall of 2011, and it marks our 7th CD. The second track, Isha Kna’anit was chosen to be featured on Volume 3 of BOJAC: Best of Jewish A Cappella in December 2012!

"Youthful leads and an upbeat energy make the whole album a fun listen."

PEAL. PLAY. WIN! (2009)

Peal. Play. Win! is Shir Appeal’s sixth album, and was released in Spring 2009. We are happy to announce that “Le’an SheLo Telchi” was selected to appear on volume two of BOJAC: Best of Jewish A Cappella.

"From the surprise chord progressions of Kayitz to the unusual meter changes of The Only One, from the haunting opening seconds of M'flas Matzav HaRuach to the Hebrew rap of Lo Frayerim, Shir Appeal shows signs of shedding the standard collegiate sound for an artistry of their own making."

ZOOZIN' (2006)

Released in 2006, Zoozin’ is Shir Appeal’s fifth album. For the fourth time in five albums, one of our tracks was selected to appear on the yearly Best of College A Cappella compilation (BOCA 2008). This year’s selection was the opening track, “Cholat Ahava”.

Zoozin’ also received a rating of 4.0 (out of five) from the Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB).

"Shir Appeal proves with Zoozin' that they truly deserve a spot at the top of the Jewish a cappella subgenre, and continue to show appeal beyond their niche. I look forward to more from this group."


Transiteration, Shir Appeal’s fourth full-length studio album, was released in 2004. Notable tracks include the Israeli hit “Darkeinu”, an adaptation of Leonard Bernstein’s “Chichester Psalms”, and a 1920’s Barry Sisters throwback, “Samson and Delilah”.

The lead track, “Ga’agua”, was selected to appear on the 2005 Best of College A Cappella (BOCA) compilation, marking Shir Appeal’s third such selection.


1. Ga’agua

2. Yoter Tov Klum

3. Flood

4. Y’hi Shalom

5. Inyan Shel Zman

6. Yareach Limon

7. Yiddish Melodies in Swing

8. Samson and Delilah

9. Ahava

10. Alesh

11. Chichester Psalms

12. Corazon

13. Eftach Na Sefatay

14. Darkeinu

15. Y’hey Shlama

16. Od Lo Ahavti Dai

Not all of this album is available to stream online.


Shir Appeal’s third album Unpealed was released in 2002 and quickly came to the attention of the a cappella community. The opening track, “Kmo B’tmunah”, won the 2003 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) for best Mixed Collegiate Song — a high honor for any group, and unprecedented for a Jewish a cappella group. Furthermore, the entire album was nominated for Best Mixed Collegiate Album, winning runner-up.

“K’mo B’tmunah” was also chosen to appear on BOCA 2003 — Shir Appeal’s second selection to this prestigious compilation.

The closing track, “Ani Ohev Otach”, was selected for volume one of BOJAC: Best of Jewish A Cappella.

Unpealed received a 4.3 (very good to excellent) review from the Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB).

"There are many lessons in this album that other co-ed groups can learn from. The most groundbreaking achievement of the album is that the songs are perpetually interesting. Often a cappella music, even covers of tunes you know well and can sing along to, gets boring halfway through the song or after several listenings. I had no idea what these songs were about or what the soloist was singing, and yet I found all the tracks moving."


1. Boh

2. Shiru Lanu Shir Chadash

3. Al Kol Eleh

4. Rock Steady

5. Tutim

6. Turn Turn Turn

7. Aizoh Min Yaldah

8. Modeh Ani

9. Blessed is the Flame

10. Nanua

11. Chai

12. When You Believe

This album is not available to stream online.


Shir Appeal’s sophomore album, What Are You Saying…?, was released in 2000. It features the group’s signature blend of Jewish-themed music, ranging from the Naomi Shemer classic “Al Kol Eleh”, to the Byrds’s “Turn Turn Turn”, to “When You Believe”, the hit song from the film The Prince of Egypt.


1. Laila Tov Europa

2. Yesh Lach Otee

3. Uvenehem

4. Mi Chamocha

5. Erev Shel Shoshanim

6. This Train (revised)

7. Yamei Hatom

8. Abanibi Obohebev

9. L’chi Lach

10. Hora

11. Rabbi

12. Bashana Haba’ah

13. Jessica

This album is not available to stream online.


Released in 1999, Man, Woman, & Schewitz was Shir Appeal’s first studio album. The sixth track on the album, “This Train”, was selected to appear on the annual Best of College A Cappella compilation (BOCA), marking the first time a Jewish a cappella group has ever been featured in the series. To date, Shir Appeal has appeared on 4 different BOCAs, and remains the only Jewish a cappella group ever to receive such an honor.

More recently, “Abanibi Obohebev” was selected to appear on the first volume of BOJAC: Best of Jewish A Cappella.

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