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LA TOUR 2019

Shir Appeal has all gone home from Tufts for winter break, but we will be reunited soon on the ~West Coast~ for our LA Tour 2019! Join us at some of our public performances if you are in the area!!


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New Album "COMMON THREADS" Available Now!


We are SO excited to announce that our latest album Common Threads is now available on Apple music, iTunes, and SPOTIFY!!

We want to thank everyone who helped/supported us along this 2.5 year long journey. We couldn't have made it without you guys!! A huge shoutout to the amazing Plaid Productions as well as to Stephanie Leah EvansBianca CaprettaJanna Sokolow, and Joe Krawitz for making this album happen!! Truly, we thank you for all your hard work :) <3                                                                                                                                   12.8.18


~FALL 2018 NEW PEALS!!!~

We are so so SO excited about welcoming not 1, not 2, not 3, BUT 4 new ~peals~ into our Shir Appeal family! We love them SO much and they are all ridiculously talented individuals. We could not be ANY happier to have them sing with us :))

Without further ado, here are our beloved babies: Kalle '22 (Alto), Jason '22 (Tenor), Max '22 (Baritone) and Caroline '21 (Soprano)



New Single

We are SO excited to announce that our new single, Meah Achuz Or, just dropped on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud!!!

We are so incredibly proud of all the hard work that the whole group put in to make this song possible. At the same time, we are also extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity to record and share this amazing song with all of you. The song title translates to “100% light” and truly, no less could be said about the amazing group of individuals that make up Shir Appeal. Between each and every person, the bond that brings us together is really no less than that of a true family.



2018 Spring Show!

Shir Appeal Presents: Shlumber Party! 

Youtube videos from our show can now be viewed here!

Shir Appeal is having the biggest shlumber party of the school year! We're staying up all afternoon in Hillel to celebrate mixed-gender Jewish a cappella, pizza, and pillow fights. It's gonna be the party of the century, don't shleep on it! 


Spring 2018's NEW PEALS 

We are so excited to welcome not one, not two, BUT THREE wonderful new members to the Shir Appeal family! We couldn't be happier to start singing with Maia '21 (alto), Maya '21 (soprano) and Kevin '20 (baritone)! This talented trio has already hit the ground running with a gig under their belts less than two weeks into joining the group! Needless to say, expect great things from our brand new fabulous three! 


Tour 2018: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

The fall semester is over, and Shir Appeal is now scattered across the country (actually, the world!). But don't be sad -we're getting back together soon for Tour 2018: Shir Appeal Rocks the Tri-State Area! Come check us out if you'll be nearby!


2017 Fall Show!

Shir Appeal Learns to Spell!

Youtube videos from our show can now be viewed here!

Shir Appeal decided that this semester, we should learn something new: how to spell. Who's the best speller? We'll find out in an acapella spelling bee!

Come see us show what we've learned by singing a whole bunch of aca-SPELL-a tunes for you!


Fall 2017's NEW PEALS!

It has been two weeks since our arrival on campus for the year, and in that time we have spent a LOT of time together as a group! With so many performances and so much auditioning, we needed something fresh. Luckily, the stork heard our prayers and delivered three beautiful babies to our doorstep! Joining the one and only family of mixed-gender Jewish a cappella singers at Tufts University are Troy Prebenda (baritone), Janna Sokolow (alto), and Dana Baxter (alto)!!


Orientation Week Shows & Fall Auditions!


Wow, we can't believe summer is over! As we move back on campus, we want you to know about our shows during first-year orientation week at Tufts:

  • Welcome Show 8/30

  • Hillel Freshmen Shabbat 9/1

  • Hillel Bagel Brunch 9/3

  • A Cappella O-Show 9/4


Finally, our AUDITIONS for all years and voice parts are on 9/5 and 9/6, so start singing in the shower and contact to book your slot! See you there!


2017 Spring Show!

Shir Appeal Presents: Shpace!


Shpace, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Shir Appeal. Its 22-year mission: to explore strange new music, to seek out new genres and new languages, to boldly go where no co-ed Jewish a cappella group has gone before.

Come to our show at 2:30 PM on Saturday, 4/22, in Tufts Hillel! Admission is free!


New Album "PERSPECTIVE" Available Now!


We are extremely excited to announce that our newest album, Perspective, is now available!

Click on the artwork to the right for song previews and more information about our albums, or click the buttons beneath it to check out Perspective on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. It can also be found on Amazon Music and Google Play.


Tour 2017: Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia!

Every year, Shir Appeal has the privilege of going on tour, reaching out and performing in many great communities all across the country. This year, we are performing in the Philadelphia and Washington D.C. areas, spanning the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Come check us out if you'll be nearby!


Fall 2016: NEW MEMBERS!

DID SOMEBODY SAY NEW BABIES? Our audition process has been long, tiresome, and reminiscent of the phases of labor, but we are reinvigorated by the birth of four wonderful new babies! Joining our cozy Jewish-a-cappella family are, from left to right, Isaac Herman (baritone), Madison Dall (soprano), Micaela Silver (mezzo), and Noah Smith (tenor)!! 


New Single: "DELILAH"

We are happy to announce that we have released "Delilah," originally performed by Florence & The Machine, as a new single! You can find it on iTunes here and on Spotify here. It will also be on our new album, coming later this fall!